Where do All the Religions Come From?

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Asfana Khan
I want to know why Allah sent people to earth, how generations started from there and how come we have so many religions and different skin color people.
Shahul Hameed

Salam sister,

As said in the Holy Qur'an, Allah created Adam and Hawwa (Eve) and made them live in Paradise (the Garden). They disobeyed Allah's command and consequently were sent out of the Garden, down to earth, which Allah designated as a place of residence for Adam, Eve and their children. That is how human life began on earth.

The children of Adam multiplied and when there were a large number of people seeking sustenance, they had to spread all over the globe. Thus new communities began; and the human race went on multiplying and newer and newer communities came into existence. Some of these communities moved much far and there was little contact between each community and the other. Hence new languages gradually came into existence; new life styles and cultures developed over a long period of time.

To the communities of people who settled in different lands, Allah has been sending His messengers (that is to say, prophets who were chosen from among themselves) to guide them along the “right path”. This is stated clearly in many verses of the Holy Quran. When prophets passed away, people who followed them differed among themselves in the understanding and interpretation of the Guidance they had received from God through those prophets. Sometimes, the wicked and selfish among them, deliberately distorted the “true religion” out of their mutual ill will or to satisfy their greed.

Thus, it was that way new religions took place. Still, Allah sent prophets again to call people back to the “original pure religion”. Nevertheless, these prophets were often treated with contempt and derision by their people. There were times when God punished the wicked with calamities. Then, again, Allah Almighty kept sending His prophets to teach people the “true religion”, as it was constantly being replaced by the innovations of mankind.

Later, when human culture and civilization came of age, and the new era of printing and communication was at its dawn, Allah sent His last prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) to fulfill what the earlier prophets had been teaching. He was given the Holy Qur'an, the final Book of revelation, which Allah promised to safeguard from all change or corruption. This was Islam. In fact the Religion taught by all the prophets was Islam, though later their followers attributed their religions to the names of the prophets or so-called founders of those religions. Some even made such attributions to the names of the land where those prophets lived. Thus it was that Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Judaism and Christianity were born.

The various skin colors were given by Allah to help us recognize people of different lands and climates. The color of skin, the language we speak, or the land where we were born has nothing to do with our status before Allah. They ought not to have any weight in our consideration of the worth of any person, too. Nevertheless, as you know, most of the conflicts of the modern world arise from ethnic or racial considerations. Anthropologists might say that the skin colors are the result of exposure to the climate of a region for many generations. Still, Allah knows best.

Hope this answers your question.


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