Why Didn't God Stop Storm Sandy? Atheist Asks

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Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes he doesn't! What do you think His criteria is?
Dr. Mohsen Haredy

Dear questioner,

Thank you for your question.

Believing that there is God that can stop things and allow others is a good start for a mutual understanding.

We are sad for the devastation that hit some parts of the States. May God alleviate the suffering of the victims and remove their pains. May God also reward those who hurry to help them.

This whole universe is a clear evidence for the existence of one true God who controls everything in that universe. Nothing occurs without God’s knowledge. Nothing moves without God’s order. Nothing stops without God’s permission. God has Power over everything.

You mentioned the Sandy Storm disaster as an example of the evil things that happen to people. But amid this disaster we should not forget the good things that happen to us every day but we do not recognize them.

We believe that God has wisdom in everything He does. Our role is to admit to God’s Will and Wisdom because sometimes we cannot grasp this wisdom. Whatever God does is right and just. He has created everything in proportion and measure.

It is enough for us to know that when God allows evil, He has a good reason. But because of our limited knowledge we cannot understand the reason for this evil.

All this goes in line with the laws of casualty which God has placed in the universe. But these laws work within God’s plan and will. Scientists predict the occurrence of some natural disasters and they thought they can stop them. But unfortunately they forget that this universe has a Creator who has the all power over it.

These hurricanes and earthquakes are also clear signs from God to reflect on His creation. We are tested along with those afflicted to see how we are going to show helpfulness and brotherhood in humanity.

Muslims believe that there can be no good without evil. Both good and evil are a test for the people. People are tested to see how they will react to this test. If they thank God in case of a good test, they will be rewarded abundantly. If they show patience in case a bad test, they will also be rewarded for their patience.

Trials are a means to think more about the Creator of this universe and why He created us. There is a purpose behind our existence on earth which is to acknowledge God’s existence and worship Him alone.

With regard to the Storm Sandy, we should look at the good side of it. We should not focus on the bad aspect of it which is destruction and loss of properties. The survivors should thank God for saving them. They should not feel sad about what they lost. They should think that they are still alive while others lost their lives. Money and houses can be restored thought hard work.

There are no specific criteria to stop a hurricane in order not to hit some people or allow it to hit others. It is a whole process. There are good and bad aspects of every calamity. If the bad element of that calamity occurs, people will be deprived of the good element of the same calamity. If the hurricane continued for a day and stopped, it might pass unnoticed. The escalation raised peoples’ awareness about it. Relief organizations rushed to the scene to evaluate the crisis and how to handle it. People became united and concerned about those afflicted.

We have a role to play here. We should extend our hands to those afflicted with the hurricane and help them with every possible means.

If some people think that the Sandy Storm is a punishment from God, then it is something between God and those afflicted with it. We cannot generalize. Muslims can have earthquakes. Christians can have earthquakes. Atheists can have disasters. We should not forget that not every calamity is a punishment. If there is a suffering we have to be sure that there is a law that must have been broken. The good things outweigh the bad things that happen to us. But we always forget the good things and remember the bad experiences we go through.

I pray for the safety of all fellow human beings, their lives, businesses and livelihood.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Please keep in touch.


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