Why Were the Dinosaurs Destroyed?

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A non-Muslim man asked me two questions. It is not the exact questions but it is very similar to that as best I can remember. 1. Why did Allah create dinosaurs and then destroy them all and then place Adam and Eve and we all a descendant of them. Is the same thing going to happen to us? He made it sound like if Allah created some "useless" or a priceless "soul-living" creature (treating dinosaurs equal to human's value) and then suddenly was bored one day that Allah decided to terminate them all. 2. If we descend from Adam and Eve, how exactly. Did their children crosses each other? A brother crosses with his sister? People was disgusted to think that we were descendant of a brother to cross his sister. Eve have many births. Some of her offspring was born in the "morning" and some were born in the "evening" and these offspring who was born in different times was considered different from the other. The "morning" offspring can cross with the "evening" offspring. But amongst themselves cannot cross. Until when the descendants was populated sufficiently, the law was changed and that the law is what we adopt today standard which is to cross an outsider or at least a not so close relative, cousins. Please make the answer plain and understandable, backed by Qur'anic quotations, hadiths, scientific facts etc. May Allah reward you and thank you for your effort to answer these questions.
Shahul Hameed

Salam dear brother,


Thank you for your rather interesting questions and for contacting Ask About Islam.

The great difference between Allah and His creations is that Allah is Ever-Living, without beginning, without end, whereas all His creations are with a beginning and with an end. This means that the creations of Allah cannot but cease to exist.

Only Allah is free from disease, decay and death. Only He lives forever.

So, if dinosaurs or other beings created by Allah die and disappear from the earth, it is because their nature demands that, and it cannot be otherwise; and only the ignorant ones among humans would consider Allah a murderer for this. The One Who gives life can take it back too.

Allah is the Almighty Creator, the Sovereign Ruler and the unquestioned Owner of everything in the universe. And it is out of His will that He chooses to create things or beings; and it is out of His will that He decides to destroy some creatures and creates some other creatures.

We have no right to question Him; and have no way of knowing Allah's will, except for what He Himself has allowed us to know through His revelations, and through His prophets. But Allah has granted us powers of rationality, observation, understanding and analytical skills.

If we use these faculties to understand Allah’s creative power and figure out the rationale behind His choices in the light of His revelation, we may be able to get some knowledge about the nature of His creation.

Of Allah's creation, it is only humans who were invested with reason and freedom. Only humans have been appointed Allah's vicegerents — ambassadors — on earth. Making use of the freedom Allah has given, only humans can ask questions of the kind asked by your friend. In the Quran, Allah has clearly stated that everything on earth has been created for the benefit of us humans:

{He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth. Then turned He to the heaven, and fashioned it as seven heavens. And He is knower of all things.} (Al-Baqarah 2:29)

This verse clearly lays stress on the fact that the best of Allah Almighty's creation is humans; and this means that there is a great difference between humans and other creatures. And for this reason, there is no comparison between the fate of other creatures and humans.

The answer to the question, why Allah created dinosaurs, is the same as the answer to the question, why Allah created the tiniest microbes or bacteria. In Allah's scheme of creation, all things — whether big or small — have their place; though we may not be aware as to how and to what extent each being contributes to the whole.

This has been recently established by the new science of ecology. For instance, we now know that the destruction of forests in one part of the planet may adversely affect the climate of a far distant region.

Another point to note: If Allah had created the dinosaurs and allowed them to multiply in large numbers until eternity, where would the place for humans have been? If dinosaurs had been eating up humans, the question of your friend would then be: "Why doesn't Allah destroy the dinosaurs?"

Nothing happens without the knowledge of Allah Almighty, and nothing happens without a good reason; and all things and beings are interconnected in mysterious ways. The present system may be one out of a number of possible scenarios; and we may take some time to realize the rationale behind it; or we may never know.

2. "If we descended from Adam and Eve, how exactly did it happen? Did their children cross each other? A brother crosses with his sister? People were disgusted to think that we were descendants of a brother who crossed with his sister."

In fact, the answer given to this question by Dr Zakir Naik about the possible law followed by the children of Adam in intercrossing with one another makes sense. Now we who follow a different Divine law may find it disgusting. But it is Allah Who determines the laws.

Our disgust follows from what we have learned from the Divine law about sexual relationships. For the first parents and their children, the law was different; otherwise humanity could not have multiplied.

Creating two or more sets of parents in the beginning — i.e. two or more Adams and two or more Eves — could have been an idea that strikes us, but then imagine the complications involved. There would be two or more species of humans as it were. That would undermine the oneness and brotherhood of humanity.

If we think on these lines, we can see how Allah's scheme is better than all the ideas we may come up with.

I hope this answers your question. Please keep in touch.

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