Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul-ul-Fiqh)

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Article Title Date
Should We Literally Interpret Islam? 2010-11-08
Defending Imam Abu Hanifah and His Approach 2010-01-26
One Religion & Different Interpretations: Why? 2009-07-08
Islamic Shari`ah: Derived from Roman Law? 2009-05-27
Human Cloning: Islamic View 2009-04-05
Can Pork Fat Be Used in Producing Car Oil? 2009-03-19
Eating Food Fried in Pork Oil: Permissible? 2009-03-18
Should a Mufti Tell All Different Views? 2008-08-07
Four Sub-Sects in Islam: Why? 2007-04-18
Understanding the Objectives of Shari`ah 2005-08-17

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