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Do You Pray? (Share Your Experience)

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Traces of Faith
By Back to Religion Editor

Indeed prayer is a vital pillar of all religions. It is a worship through which believers can express their religious identity. It is the special time when the person draws closer to his religion’s roots. It is, too, a time of meditation and consideration.

Either prayer is performed in a group or individually, it aims to teach values like commitment, deep thinking, and sharing.

Some people consider prayer as a spiritual worship while others see it as a lifestyle-  a routine through which they look “religious” in the community’s eyes.

We need you to speak out and tell us:

-           Do you pray? Or you stopped doing this because of your busy schedule?

-           Are you a regular goer to masjid, church, synagogue, temple for prayer?

-           Do you wear a special costume while praying? Explain.

-           What is your favorite invocation that you like to read during your prayers?

The platform is yours!

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