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Special Q & A Interviews Collection
By Back to Religion Editor


Editor's note: In this folder Back to Religion team has the pleasure to present a collection of Q & A interviews conducted with experts, religious editors, and religious institutions representatives, about different topics related to the role that religion plays in our daily life.

Back to Religion page  is not about religion as a dogmatic, established belief or doctrine. It is not about the core values of religion that we respect. It is not about propagation (da`wah) of any religion. It is also not about studying comparative religions.

This page is about exploring how our religious beliefs could have an impact on our daily lives; how we raise our children, vote for a certain party or candidate, perceive others, and follow certain lifestyles.

The page is about seeing religion in action. Finally, more effort should be exerted to seize the opportunity of re-evaluating the positions of religion and secularism in order to re-introduce our concerns while seeking a better world. 



Studied languages in New York and Gottingen, Tom Heneghan, Reuters Religion Editor answered our questions on the professional pressures and their impact on covering religion by highlighting the origin of the word "Journalism"… (Read more)


David Holt received his PhD. from the University of Chicago. He directs the Cairo-based Middle East Studies Program (MESP) for the Council for Christian College and Universities in Washington DC. Holt has lived and worked in the Middle East for the last seven years … (Read more)


In London, when I have met Dr. Noureddine Miladi to discuss the relation between media and religion, he has just appeared on one of Al-Hewar TV programs; an Arab Channel aims to build bridges between the Arab communities in the West and their countries of origins as well as their Western societies. (Read more)



Back to Religion editor conducts an interview with Kamran Pasha, writer and filmmaker, on religion and its relation with media. Pasha is a Hollywood filmmaker and the author of Mother of the Believers, a novel on the birth of Islam as told by Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha. (Read more)


In the second part of our interview with Jean-Francois Mayer, we discover more about the relation between the realms of virtuality and reality in studying religions. The impact of the internet on religions on the individual, collective and institutional levels is also explored. (Read more)



On the role of religious institutions, the relation between religion and science, Back to Religion editor conducts an e-mail based interview with Imam Hatem al- Haj, the Associate Professor of Fiqh, Shariah Academy of America, and the President of The Building Blocks of Islam. (Read more)


On Friday, February 5, Obama's Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Council has seen the light. The Council was an old idea listed on President Obama's agenda before he held the presidential office. (Read more)



Artur Vogel was born in Lucerne in 1953, and he studied law and business administration at Zurich University and has worked as a professional journalist since 1978. Among other activities, Vogel was a Middle East correspondent of the Zurich-based daily Tages-Anzeiger and Der Standard in Vienna, from 1988 to 1996.  (Read more)


Believing that the time has come to stop debating about our differences to ponder on our common ground, Tutt is launching interfaith discussions in high schools and universities by displaying films that present values like tolerance, understanding, and knowledge. (Read more)



Muslim Copts Before Mohammad unveils the history of Christian Unitarians — those who believed in the true Message of Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) that there is no god but Allah. The author, Fadel Soliman, starts his book by proving by the Qur'an that those who believed in the true Message of every Prophet are considered Muslims as well as the followers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). (Read more)


Jeanne Rey is a PhD student at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. In her research, Rey focuses on migration issues in Switzerland and particularly on the role that migrant churches play in the migration process. (Read more)


Karin Künti Duru grew up in a small village, about 45 km from Berne. She started her theological studies at the University of Berne, after working for some time in caring for mentally retarded people. For three years now, she has been working as a reformed pastor in the Murten municipality. (Read more)



Exploring the question of whether violence is an inherent aspect of religion or is caused by various complex reasons sounds inevitable in studying the relationship between religion and violence.   The so called historical "religious wars", current sectarian conflicts, and terrorism make a lot of international intellectuals and politicians blame religion for mankind's troubles. (Read more)


Following the series of interviews on the religious institutions: the role and method, Father Raymond G. Helmick, S.J., Priest of the New England Jesuit Province, and the Professor of Conflict Resolution in the Department of Theology, Boston College, since 1984, talks to Back to Religions editor. (Read more)

First Published in May 2013

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