How Do I See Christmas?- Muslims Answer

By Back to Religion Editor

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 In this short folder we display reflections of Muslims across the world about the Christmas celebraitons.

Read what Muslims think about this religious season and share your own input.


Indeed, we Muslims may not have lights at our houses; we may not have lighted trees in our living rooms; and we may be working the night shift on December 25 and trolling the streets for something, anything, to eat. But that doesn't mean we don't have Jesus and Mary in our hearts...(Read More)


Christmas can be a heavenly occasion where Muslim and Christian Copts show compassion for each other and embrace years of brotherhood under the same skies. This year can be a great opportunity for Muslims and Christians to renew a pact of coexistence, perhaps it can be an antidote to the venomous aggravation between Muslim and Christian Copts inside and the humiliation inflicted upon us amid the war on terror from outside.(..Read More)


Moreover, Christmas today, as an innovated festival, has become more of a corporate tool than anything else. It takes no genius to testify to this fact. People all around the world purchasing all sorts of "special offer" products bear witness to this very trend. As a result, it becomes the time of the season when there is an interest in the financial budget, rather than a religious interest, in the minds of companies that are selling and buying...   (Read More)


Muslims see these religious communities as cousins not only in faith but in ancestry also, through Abraham, that great pillar of monotheism. Islam encourages calling (da`wah) to Islam though wisdom and good speech and through constructive and dignified dialogue.... (Read more)


To be continued with features about Christmas and its significance... Follow us!

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