Religious Celebrations: Are You In?

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By Back to Religion Editor

Do you consider the religious celebrations part of religion or part of culture?
Months ago, Muslims were celebrating their sacred season of Hajj and `Eid Al- Adha. When touring Muslim communities, you can see the unity of customs of celebrating and welcoming those blessed days, which come once a year.

And now the whole world is ready for another important religious/cultural occasion: Christmas, with its gatherings, decorations, gifts, and carols. To many, Christmas is the biggest annual holiday.

What about you?

- Are you keen to celebrate Christmas every year? If not, why?

- Regardless of your religion, how do you see religious celebrations in general? Do you consider them part of religion or part of culture?

- What is the most important occasion to you — the one that you never miss? Is it a national, religious, or cultural occasion?

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