What Is Meant by a "Religious" Muslim?

Religion & Religiosity
By Ahlam Daoudi
Freelance Writer, Morocco

A good Muslim is the one whose good character speaks volumes about his religion.

Islam is a unique religion that suits every time and every place and can be applied in our daily lives. Many people tend to religion, but some tend to be religious without understanding the real meaning of their religion: its core and essence. In fact, lack of understanding of Islam leads to distortion of its image and has negative impacts on our societies as well as on the perception of Islam among non-Muslims.

Some people fail to apply Islam properly due to their misunderstanding and ignorance of the Islamic law. Some think that Islam is summarized in their relationship with God, i.e., Prayer, fasting, zakah, and hajj. They forget completely the behavioral part: their relationship with their fellow humans. They forget that Islam focuses on good treatment of others regardless of who they are — parent, brother, sister, Muslim fellow, or even non-Muslim.

Many ignore the fact that Islam is about good behavior and morals, which is part of worshipping God and obeying His Commands. These people forget that a kind word is a charity and that a mere smile is a charity that weighs a lot in the scale of good deeds.

In their dealings with their human fellows, especially those who do not look religious, most Muslims meet them with a frowning face and treat them in a strict, harsh way. They look down at people and judge them from their appearances, forgetting that the only real Judge is God, the Almighty.

Unfortunately, this sort of treatment can be appalling, lead to generalization, and avert those with poor religious background and non-Muslims alike away from Islam and the truly religious people. However, when this category of people interacts with knowledgeable persons, their ignorance comes out to the surface.

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Lightly Religious!

Others, however, tend to be religious but in their own way. They take the commands of Islam lightly. Among the things that are underestimated by this category of people is, for example, dressing. Here, we can talk about Muslim girls and women who show their religiosity by wearing hijab but not in the right way.

Hijab has rules and conditions that should be fulfilled in order to call it hijab, but some take it lightly and dress in a manner that has nothing to do with hijab except for the covering of the hair, if not leaving a hair wisp shown purposely.

Knowledge is the key that is much needed in our epoch for people to apply Islam correctly and in a way that pleases Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him).

Muslims need to read more and more about their religion and not to hesitate in asking trusted scholars about matters that are unclear to them. It is also the role of Muslim scholars and those who call to Islam to help people understand their religion correctly in order to be utile in their societies.

A good Muslim is the one who obeys his Creator and is knowledgeable and active in helping, serving, and well treating people. A good Muslim is the one whose spirituality and faith reflect on his life, inwardly and outwardly.

A good Muslim is the one whose good character speaks volumes about his religion.


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