Islam in the Eyes of Non-Muslims

Special Series
By Back to Religion Editor

Hijab exp
Marjorie, an American Christian, wearing Hijab (Credit to the UC, Irvine Muslim Student Association).

Editor's note: In this series Back to Religion team presents diverse views of non-Muslims on Islam and Muslim communities, touching upon different angles and incidents.

In the coming series, we will present the vision of Muslims about non-Muslims communities highlighting  experiences of inter-faith dialogues.


I decided to “Take the Hijab Challenge” as a way to identify with my sister in a new way and to come to peace with any lingering tension I still felt with her when in public. Part of taking the challenge included signing an agreement basically stating that I would wear modest clothing and behave toward others with respect. Read more



I am a man of faith. I have been a Christian pastor for 25 years in the United Methodist Church.

It is out of this deep commitment to the principles of my faith that I felt I needed to do something - anything - in response to the potential hate crime that was going to be perpetrated by a church, the Dove World Outreach Center, in Gainesville, Florida, on 11th September. Read more.


My personal belief, as an American and as someone who has done extensive research on Islam, is that we should be building these mosques with our bare hands.  Let the world see that America is a Muslim-friendly country, that our culture can compliment the Islamic lifestyle. Let us surprise them with our tolerance. Read more.



To an observer unfamiliar with Islam, the practice of Hajj may seem to be the strangest and most archaic aspect of Islam. 

In particular, people of a background similar to my own, Protestant Christians, if they’ve heard of Hajj they would tend to view it with suspicion and a feeling of superiority. Read more.


Lesley Hazleton, previously known by The Accidental Theologist, author of "After the Prophet: the Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split," speaks to a group of American Muslims about a new biography about Prophet Muhammad. Read more.



The man who claimed responsibility for 9/11 and numerous other attacks changed the lives both of Americans and many others across the world.

While some celebrated his death, I and most here reacted with hope for a new life – that our country and world can now live with a little less fear and pain, a little more safety and peace. Read more.


Being a Christian, Whitney tells us that there is no mandatory time of fasting in Christianity. However, many Christians do choose to fast periodically in order to focus on spirituality, instead of physical needs. "I think the reason for fasting is probably similar is all faiths", she adds. Read more.


"Trying to walk in another person's shoes is always a positive exercise, I may help those like me to understand the experience of Muslims."- Jonathan Pinckney.

I sat down outside the crowded airport gate and breathed a sigh of relief at having reached my plane on time.  At last I could relax for a few minutes.  It had been a long day and I was eager to get home.  But while my arrival had been relieving for me the people sitting on the bench beside me weren’t so pleased.

My seatmates were a family: a mother and father and two small boys.  The older of the two boys was sitting next to me while his parents were a little further down the bench.


In our world right now, we witness violence in the name of Islam in many places.  However, it is important to understand that religion and violence is not only linked to Islam – on the contrary, violent reactions in the name of religion stem from all religions.  

History proves this in the horrific accounts of the Crusades, the Inquisition, as well as the Holocaust. Read more.

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