"Our Dreams!?"

The Art of the Palestinian Children
By Culture & Entertainment Team

Palestinian drawing main
Palestinian Child
Through drawings and words, the children of Palestine express their sufferings under the apartheid imposed by the Israeli occupation.

At a number of workshops in the Palestinian village of Nazlet `Issa, the drawings of children stood as genuine testimonies to a people's endurance and insistence on liberation. The drawings show how deep the souls of these children are rooted in this land, with its pains and struggle for freedom, justice, and right to life. The following samples were produced at the Child Rights Advocacy Workshops in 2005.

Credit: Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign.                                                           ***                    

 "Our dreams are broken." Inas Jamil Ahmad Sulayman
"The Wall is a snake around our freedom." Hanan `Awwad Abdul Wahab Hussein
"Every person has been affected, and I hope to see Palestine free from any harm." Aiya Jamil Ahmed

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