A World Yet To Take Action

The deaths unjustified
The children mortified
The armies fortified
And people here waiting

Now a new year with parties and beer
For now we live in a sphere
Where these horrors disappear
But in reality they’re waiting

My peers think of fun and games
Different ways to rise to fame
While our innocence sits in shame
Because it’s still waiting

Truth threatens to spill
But lies are weaved, we're eager to fill
Our minds with frills that cover the kills
And justice is waiting

Our half destroyed
The bombs deployed
Bubble heads here annoyed
they can't avoid
The terrors that are waiting

And time stops, and people wait
And we sit by idly, and wait
And they suffer some more, and wait
Waiting for a cure
Waiting for us to stir
Waiting to be reassured
And Gaza is still waiting.

© Nusaiba Al-Azem

Nusaiba Al-Azem was the recipient of the gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy for her first place in the mass start biathlon. Surprised? Just kidding. That is a far stretch, but she did happen to win second place in a creative writing competition hosted by Youth Aiding Youth that year.  Though not as prestigious as an Olympic medal, this accomplishment was the debut of her writing career.  Since then she has indulged in reading and writing, and in her spare time strengthens these abilities by further exercising her brain. You can contact her via artculture AT iolteam DOT com.

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