On My Schooldesk...I Write Your Name

By Caribbean Folk Band
By Culture & Entertainment Team

I write your name On my schooldesk, on treetops
On all pages, anyone ever read
On jungles, on deserts
On eagles’ nest, on echoes of my childhood
On the margins of night, on the day’s bread
On seasons that love one another, on my faded blue

On the musty pool of the sun, on the living lake of the
On fields across the horizon, on wings of birds
On the sea, on ships, on every puff of dawn
On footpaths that wake up, on highways that branch
On public squares that are flowing over

I write your name
On that fruit cut in half, on my bedroom mirror and my
On the empty shell of my bed, on my greedy and affec-
tionate dog
On his limp awkward paw, on the springboard of my
On every common object, on the top flame of the fire
On my friends’ foreheads, on each body I love
On every outstretched hand, on absence without loving
On loneliness behind bars, on the stairway to heaven
On health won back, on danger passed,
On baseless hope.

I write your name
And by the weight of one word
I start my love all over again
I was born to know you
And call you by your name.
The poem  is by Paul Eluard, a French Poet, and has been recorded by Sweet Honey in the Rock Band.

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