Who's a terrorist?

By Culture & Entertainment Team


Who's a terrorist? I'm a terrorist?!

How am I a terrorist when you've taken my land? Who's a terrorist?

You're the terrorist! You've taken everything I own while I'm living in my homeland You're killing us like you've killed our ancestors

You want me to go to the law? What for? You're the Witness, the Lawyer, and the Judge! If you are my Judge I'll be sentenced to death You want us to be the minority?

To end up the majority in the cemetery? In your dreams!

You're a Democracy? Actually it's more like the Nazis!

Your countless raping of the Arabs’ soul Finally impregnated it Gave birth to your child His name: Suicide Bomber And then you call him a terrorist?

You attack me and then you cry And then you rush to complain about me [to the world]

When I remind you that you started the whole thing, You jump to say "You let small children throw stones! Don’t they have parents to keep them at home?" WHAT?!

You must have forgotten you buried our parents under the rubble of our homes And now while my agony is so immense You call me a terrorist?

Who's a terrorist? I'm a terrorist? How I am a terrorist When you've taken my land?! Who's a terrorist? You're the terrorist! You've taken everything I own While I'm living in my homeland

Why terrorist?! Because my blood is not calm It's boiling! Because I hold my head for my homeland You've killed my loved ones Now I'm all alone My parents driven out But I will remain to shout out I’m not against peace Peace is against me It’s going to destroy me

You don't listen to our voices You silence us and degrade us And who are you?! And when did you became ruler

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