“It’s Jummah”- Muslims Sing! (Listen)

Song by Raef
By Culture & Entertainment Editor

Raef in College Park, Maryland.

For many years, Muslims contribute to the music production, singing and performing to speak about the merits of the Muslim character and to polish stereotypes and misconceptions.

Names like Yusuf Islam, Samy Yusuf, Dawud Wharnsby, Native Deen band, Outlandish band, Maher Zain, and Kareem Salama, are very known among Muslim communities all over the world.

Today we present a song by Raef, American Muslim singer, through which he tackles the greatness of Jummah (Friday) prayer, spotting the light on Muslims’ mosque gatherings.

As mentioned in Raef’s Facebook pages:

“Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, Raef is a singer-songwriter, educator, and musician. He has performed across the United States and is known for his unique lyricism and acoustic sound. Blending American folk-rock musicality with Eastern melodic patterns, Raef’s music moves seamlessly between commercially accessible rock songs; with pop hooks, bright imagery, and optimistic messages; to introspective folk songs, rich in metaphors and poetic imagery.

Over the years Raef has toured with artists Dawud Wharnsby, Naeem Muhammad, and Danish hip-hop trio Outlandish. With the heart of a teacher, the sensitivity of a poet, the perspective of a traveler, and the spirit of a rock 'n roller, Raef’s music expands the narrow category of “religious music” (nasheed) with songs that transcend one-dimensional spiritual themes— reflecting instead on the greater human search for inspiration and purpose.”

Listen to "It's Jummah" song:



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