A Message to My Enemy

Creative Contribution
Warning! Your Time is Up!
By Sarah Omar
Freelance Writer- Egypt

Do not hide your ears, stand up to yourself, and stand up to your enemy.

To My Enemy,

STOP! What are you doing with your life?

What have you done till now?

Are you going to spend your days either wondering hopelessly, or roaming through your endless negative thoughts of self-destruction?

WAIT! Do you realize that you are going down?! You wake up every day purposeless, you go to bed late at night and start blaming yourself for having wasted a lot of time crying over the past, thinking about the future, reciting non-stop, “What If?!”.

LOOK! Do you see your pale, sick, vexed, strained face in the mirror? Do you like it? Are you willing to turn into a Zombie, paving your road to perdition to your restless end?

BEWARE! Your expiry date is almost over, your time will soon be up, and you will realize that all your life was but a video tape being played in front of your eyes.

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What have you been doing with it? Have you achieved your goals? Are you satisfied with your decisions?

LISTEN! Do not hide your ears, stand up to yourself, and stand up to your enemy.

Sloth will get you nowhere. It will just keep draining you till you are out of energy.

Gluttony will overcome you, consume your body, and arrest your senses.

Greed will manipulate your morality, and turns you into an over-concerned wealth striver.

Wrath will manifest your feelings and turns you into a roguish avenger, keeping people away from you, and putting off the light of life in your soul.

Envy will transform satisfaction into Greed, and Pride will ignite the desire of self-love and narcissism in your heart, and changes you into a devil worshipper.

So finally, are you done torturing yourself?


Your Grave

Remember: Every second you waste will be your evil witness in your grave… no second chances will be granted.

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