Dream Day (Poem for Humanity)

By Abdulkarim Mohamed Jimale
Freelance Writer- Somalia

Somalia photo- Poem

To all suffering nations... torn by wars, afflicted with poverty...Let us dream of:

A day of peace, kindness, equality and justice for all

A day when we are one people of one land

A day when we are all brothers of one nation

A day when the blind walks from south to north free of dread

A day when everybody sleeps without scare of being killed, tortured or harassed

A day when mothers are not hopeless and helpless

A day when mothers are free of worry

A day when boys respect their fathers and mothers

A day when elders are the leaders of the community

A day where the professors are leaders but not destroyers

A day when religion is not burnt

A day when the girls go to school and have rights

A day when murders, destroyers and deceivers are in jail

A day when all are free of bandits, rapists, bombers, ghosts and killers

A day when the winners are respected

A day when all the youth have future

A day when kids are free of guns and bombs

A day when all kids go to school

A day when children play freely and roam the streets with balls and bicycle

That day is not far away, so let’s pray for that day


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