Al- Assad’s Bloodbath (Cartoon)

Cartoonists Against Al- Assad Series
By Culture & Entertainment Editor

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With the footage of cold-blooded killings happening in Syria for months, the entire country is ailing where number of damages and victims is getting high day by day.

As the entire world is following with awe the dramatic scene in Syria, Carlos Latuff displays through a cartoon series his view of the Syrian regime.

In a previous post, we highlighted a cartoon by Latuff depicting the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad; we continue with this series by posting a second cartoon entitled Bashar Al-Assad’s Bloodbath in Syria.

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About Carlos Latuff:

Carlos Latuff is a famous Brazilian cartoonist whose name has become very known in the Arab spring countries. Using his talent, Latuff is amazingly tracking through his cartoons many of the political events which have been running on today's stage in the Arab region.

Latuff’s cartoon comic series like We are all Palestinians and of Tales of Iraq War are his art lens through which he visualized suffering.

Latuff has also made a series of cartoons about presidents and politicians like former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, US former President George W. Bush, the American President resident Barack Obama, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and many others.

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