Snapshots of Islamic History (Special)

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History identifies nations, sheds light on the past, and records moments of victory and defeat. How rich the Islamic history is! Events, struggles, kingdoms, blooms, downfalls, and prominent figures.

Culture & Entertainment team sails through some remarkable events and places to unveil the cultural side of the history of Islam.


Muslims in China- Past and Present

Muslims in China began as traders and soldiers in the 7th century, therefore instilling in the early Muslim settlers a sense of belonging and legitimacy; they were not a burden on the country, but valuable contributors...



From Palestine to Makkah (Historical Glance)

According to the Qur'an, Palestine is the place for the concentration of all humankind on the Doomsday. Also, the Muslim prayer was ordered by Allah from the sky of Palestine during the Israa and Mir`ag journey of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). There is a great connection between the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sacred Mosque in Makkah...

Sanussi Spirit: History Speaks About Libya

The violent unhinged dictator has used overwhelming air power and foreign mercenaries to mow down Libyans who dare protest against his tyranny. While an impotent world had watched and issued statements of condemnation, the blood has been flowing freely through the streets of Tripoli, Benghazi and Sirt...


Sunjata: A Muslim Hero in 13th -Century Africa

Sunjata, the founder and mansa (king) of Mali, Empire of the Malinke, is said to have fought his decisive battle against the tyrant king Susu Sumanguru in 1240...


Seville's Islamic Heritage

The Islamic kingdoms of medieval Spain are legendary for their artistic and architectural glories. Nowadays, the best-known (and most visited) of the cities of these medieval kingdoms are Granada, and Cordoba. But Seville, now a sprawling modern city, also deserves recognition for its Islamic-influenced cultural heritage...


Isam in Mozambique

Islamic religion has a long history in Mozambique, where it was spread by the Arab traders and Asian Muslims who had come to the Mozambican shores and its northern islands during the eighth, ninth, and tenth centuries. The colonial Portuguese, which arrived in the sixteenth century, attested that Muslims had preceded them to that area with no doubt...


Sharing Faith in the Old City of Damascus 

The venerable Christian community of Damascus has for the most part lived peacefully alongside the Muslim community for the last fourteen hundred years. When the Muslim Caliph Al-Walid took possession of the Christian Basilica of Saint John the Baptist, containing the shrine of the one known to Muslims as Prophet Yehya (peace be upon him), he compensated the Christians with four other permanent sites in the city...


The Land of the Kinana Tribe

Being late to join Islam did not prevent Amr Ibn al-`As from assuming a high rank among the Muslim heroes. When Muslims victoriously entered Levant and Palestine, their eyes turned to Egypt. The idea stroke Amr’s mind, being one of the leaders of the conquest of Levant, so he proposed the idea to the Caliph Amr Ibn al-Khattab...


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