Muslim Travels to Makkah (Special)

By Culture & Entertainment Editor


Editor's note: In this collective folder, Culture & Entertainment presents experiences of Muslims  who were blessed to visit the holy city of Makkah to perform their Umrah and  Hajj.

Read about how they sensed the journey; their feelings, spiritual thoughts, and visions.


I wanted to call this article “I wish to pray in your shoes”. But we take off our shoes while praying, so I called it “I wish to pray on your praying carpet” to be more Muslim-friendly. Read more




The van took off and I started to miss my beloved Madinah. About 20 kilometers later, we stopped at “Abyar Ali” for ihram. And this part is actually why my family chose our umrah program to start by Madinah; in order to follow the Prophet’s sunnah of ihram from Abyar Ali. Read more.



Very recently I traveled to Saudi Arabia for umrah and for ten whole days and nights; I was able to savor the sheer brilliance of Makkah as well as the magnificence that the golden city of Madinah has to offer. Read more



It is the House of Allah; open at all times, spacious, luminous, and, most importantly, excruciatingly comforting. How generous it is to be called upon by the Creator and invited to His magnanimous space all the time ... Read more.



Imbedded in history are the legendry pilgrimages of West African Muslim rulers such as Mansa Musa, the sultan of Mali, and the pilgrimage of Askia Muhammad... Read more.



In this one airplane were a group of pilgrims travelling to their Allah, wishing to get closer to their Allah… and they were all different faces praying to one Allah. This felt magical. I felt free on that flight… floating in the mercy of Allah. Read more.



It is a whole new world, full of promise, faith and the potential for the kind of happiness found in worshiping Allah, doing things that please him and making the most of our lives. It is wondrous: the life-changing journey to Makkah and Medina. Read more.



This year Allah granted me a chance to perform pilgrimage to His holy house in Makkah.  I would like to share my experience with you hoping that it will encourage at least one person to make the intention to perform hajj next year. Read more.




I often wondered and dreamed about what I would do if I were to go back to Makkah. What would I ask God for, and more importantly, would God accept my supplications?...Read more.

Hajj is a commemoration of a life among lives, a family among families, an event among events, and a sacrifice among sacrifices...Read more.



One day I will have better understanding about the fifth element – pilgrim to Makkah– and will involve it into my life. In my mind going to Mecca has always been the action to be performed later in life. Then again I’ve also been wrong separating my religion to my lifestyle...Read more.

When I Went to Makkah

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