That’s What I Hate About Some Muslims…

Blogging the Prophet’s Model: Part Two
On Self- Criticism
By Abubakar Kasim
Freelance Writer- Canada


 Some Muslims had lost a sense of direction altogether and had failed to live up to the values and principles which are the cornerstones of the model that Prophet Muhammad installed.

They started polluting the model with their ignorance until people were not able to see its radiance or smell its fragrance.

They have become obsessed with trivial issues such as the length of beard in men, the wearing of niqab, shortness of trousers for men. They started using these minor issues which are not agreed upon by the consensus of Muslim jurisprudences as criteria to judge between who is pious Muslim and who is bound to hell.

These simple minded people have become like a man who is overly obsessed by the look of his vehicle and has neglected other important components   of the car such as the engine, breaks, steering wheel and the condition of the tires which when neglected could be a matter of life and death.

What Kind of Image! 

The same people who were models for humanity and who were sailing the ship have been distracted by irrelevant issues and have abandoned their positions, while not paying the attention to the direction the ship is headed at as they started fighting among themselves.

Not only that, they have damaged and ruined the image of their model until a time has come when people started getting nervous every time they hear the word, Islam.

The image that was so irresistible with its beauty and glory has been turned into an ugly and repulsive picture which people look at with contempt and repulsion.

People started associating the model with ugly things which are inferior to everything it stands for such as terrorism, violence and hatred. All these are complete opposite of what the model stands for.

The alarming thing that deprives me from having peace of mind is the question that keeps haunting me is, would  my forefathers have accepted the faith and found it appealing had the Muslims they had interacted with were nasty human beings?

Had the faith reached to all the corners of the globe had early Muslims been acting with rudeness, lack of consideration as they do now?

It is appalling to see how distanced some Muslims are from the teaching of their faith.

A person does not have to go far to see how big the gap is between the religion itself and its followers. He just needs to visit the Holy Ka`bah in Makkah to witness how inconsiderate, rude some Muslims have become in such a sacred place.

They would not show any consideration towards the young or the old in their manners especially in their attempt to touch or kiss the Blackstone.

They neglect the emphasis of the Prophet that the sacredness of their fellow brethren is more valued than the sacredness of the Ka’bah itself.

Perhaps those Muslims could use every possible chance like  the month of Ramadan to do check and balance, re-evaluate their mission in life and re-examine the reasoning behind their failure to live up to the values of their faith.

They should use the opportunity to find out what went wrong with the image of their faith which was once appealing to humanity.


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