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medina prophet mosque
The Prophet's mosque in Medina

I wonder...

If Prophet Muhammad visited you

Just for a day or two, If he came unexpectedly,

I wonder what you would do?

Oh I know you would give your nicest room,

To such an honored guest,

And you would serve him your very best...

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Naming Muhammad in Your Culture (Have Your Say)

In some cultures, as in Turkey, some people think that the name "Muhammad" is too sacred to be given to people and instead they choose the name "Mehmet" as an alternative. In your culture, how do you perceive naming people after the prophet’s sacred name?



Filming Muhammad?

I remember as an 8-year-old being taken to see the epic film The Message, an account of the life of the Prophet Muhammad produced by the late Moustapha Al Akkad in 1976…



Interview With Michael Wolfe, co-producer of Legacy of a Prophet  

Michael Wolfe's new documentary Legacy of a Prophet is one of the few produced by Muslims from a Muslim perspective. Wolfe faces his challenges in his four-year journey to tell the Prophet’s basic life story and how his legacy has played out for American Muslims in our times.



 The Prophetic Art of Communication

Noted Muslim musician and public speaker Yusuf Islam, in his speech The Prophetic Art of Communication: Introduction to Da'wah, tells us that the techniques of Daw'ah propounded by our Holy Prophet are as effective today as they were more than 1400 years ago…



The Message Movie (In Memory of Mustapha al-Akkad)

Throughout time, Muslims have benefited from the purity of Islam, from the example of the Prophet, and from the revivers of faith. The Syrian born director Mustapha al-Akkad was one of them...

'For the Love of the Prophet' Quiz

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