#Jan 25 Egypt (Song For the Revolution)

By Group of Musicians
By Culture & Entertainment Editor

song for Egypt

This song is dedicated to the brave souls that made this Egyptian revolution possible.


First they ignore you

Then they laugh at you

Then they fight you

Then you WIN"

- Ghandi



I heard em say

The revolution wont be televised

Aljazeera proved em wrong

Twitter has him paralyzed

80 million strong

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And ain't no longer gonna be terrorized

Organized - Mobilized - Vocalized

On the side of TRUTH

Um il-Dunya's living proof

That its a matter of time

before the chicken is home to roost

Bouazizi lit the...

and it slowly ignited the fire

within Arab people to fight it

From Tunis to Khan Younis

the new moon shines bright

as The Man's spoon was

as masses demand rights

and dispel rumors of disunity

communally removing the tumors

of rotten 7ukoomas

we're making headway

chanting down the dictators

getting rid of deadweight

opening the floodgates

like the streets of Jeddah

bawwabit il-thawra maftoo7a

oo ma ba2an sid'ha

we've been empowered to speak

and though the future is uncertain

man at least it isn't bleak

when our children can be raised

not in a cage - but on a peak

the inheritors of mother earth are meek

Freedom isn't given by oppressors

It's demanded by oppressed

Freedom lovers - Freedom fighters

Free to gather and protest

for their God-given rights

for a Freedom of the Press

we know Freedom is the answer

The only question is…

Who's next?


Weathering the storm, pleasure to be born,

news media disseminate at heaven's gate's level of alarm...

3rd Person Dictators couldn't sever them till dawn

3 mill in your streets, We will live in Peace....

you will see it.

But First God Rest the soul of those who choose to be free

from poverty they rose

knee deep in robbery

souls will plummet and burn like Mohammed Bouazizi...

All I see is...

Al-Jazeera Logos,

Pillars of the State can now hear their own souls,

Karma waits for no man,

your presidential charm and armor break,

out of place in your own homeland,

Now Dip like Mezza..

imagine a million human march to Gaza,

From Qahira to Baghdad, siyasatkom saa7ira…..

3alamat Al-akhira...


And that's where the beef ends

you should learn a lesson from oppression where it begins

black white yellow it don't matter what race

before you break us you can push us off the Deep end

different country same struggle we even

contemplate on squeezin when our kids ain't eating

only other difference is it's hot all year round there

winter time and your kids ain't freezing

but we all starving all grieving

and the people with the power ain't got heart enough to feed us

follow the procedures and I study my Quran

this is modern day signs we just waiting on Jesus

you should be the teacher of Quran to your kids

instead of wasting time watching Kelly Ripa and Regis

this is Egypt

home of the ruins last time we needed change it took Musa to move em

operation get rid of the pharoah

now we getting rid who ain't willing to share no

bread with the people we are all equal

true men of God, Fear God, don't fear no

person that's walking on the face of the earth

if he got a tank, knife, gun, bow or an arrow

long as there's breath

then there's still hope left

so let hope rise like the eye of a sparrow

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