iBelieve: Muslims Blog (Collection)

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For more than three years, Culture & Entertainment page of Onislam.net has been receiving personal writings in the style of blog posts that express Muslims' thoughts, dreams, and challenges.

In this folder, we display some blogs of Muslim writers who presents outstanding opinions and insightful thoughts.

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                                                  Personal Thoughts

"We are but blessed vehicles of God’s sacred work, if He chooses us to be.

We become doors God opens up to those who knock in need calling unto Him.

Thus all praise is unto Him, Lord of the creation."


Are You One Person or a Dozen?

The privilege of being a relative or close associate to someone important in the society is phenomenal, rewarding and a test to a person’s character...


Over Mountains, God Sent Me a Message

They say giving off of one’s self is a way to finding one’s self.

I always thought it had to mean something extraordinary, and yet it turned out to be so simple...

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Our Communities

"Acceptance is the last stage of coping to tragedy in life. But what psychologists and professionals describe as “acceptance” is not like we might imagine. There is no peace of mind or heart. There is no sense of closure. There is no “happily ever after.”"



But Why’d He Kill All Those People?

It’s a tragedy in itself that tragedy strikes as often as it does. In coping with this troubling reality, we often rush to safety—in our lives and in our minds. We move ourselves and our families to places we imagine will keep us safe...


When Terrorists Are Sane

December is the month of holiday and shopping. Irrespective of one’s religious and cultural background, one cannot resist the temptation of going wild in shopping.

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                                                           Muslims Today

"We, as human family, need to restore our sanity; stop demeaning each other and work collectively to rebuild the bridge of brotherhood and understanding that has been severely damaged and nearly destroyed.  We have enough problems on our global village to deal with."



What's Scary About My Muslim Garb!

I have been scaring people with Muslim garb all my life, and I can remember the first time I did so. It was when I was 4 years old and my mom dressed my twin brother and I up in ethnic Indian clothing for a local Halloween party...


The Strongest Among You…

Muslims have gone out of control with rage and anger and took matters into their own hands forgetting the noble character of the Prophet they claim to defend...

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