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Muslim Travelers
"For me travel is Time off!

"No, more seriously as a Muslim living in the UK, many of my travel experiences have been about meeting my family, my home country and getting to know more about my roots and who I am as a person. In that sense, I think it's really important to travel.

As a Muslim, I love being able to visit a Muslim country where you can hear the Athan in the morning and not worrying about whether the food is Halal or not!  I would encourage all Muslims to travel; when you travel you learn more about other people, their way of life. I think that traveling can only bring more understanding and tolerance which is good for everyone especially the Muslim Ummah." -- Arwa Aburawa


"There's a saying that goes, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". It's a philosophy that I truly believe. Without travel I would be far less aware of other people, languages, cultures and issues facing our world. Travel means that I am seeking to be part of a bigger picture... a bigger world. I see travel as an essential part of life. I've been very fortunate to travel to different countries for the past few years. It also helps me to grow as a person. It expands my mind and knowledge of the world we are all part of Islam

I think Muslims are very fortunate to be part of such a progressive religion. One of the pillars of Islam is to perform the Hajj. This journey is immense in that it requires that we leave our homes and travel to the Kaabah, the house of Allah. It's an amazing experience where we also understand that we are part of the greater Muslim world. We are one among millions of Muslims in every part of our world.

It is through travel that we get to understand the struggles of others as we see firsthand what it is like to live in a different -- and perhaps difficult -- context. Traveling is an enjoyable experience which, as it has been said, is also the best education." -- Yazeed Kamaldien  


"For me, a journey has always been the underpinning message of life. Whether a pilgrimage to Mecca, from near or far, or a trip to another land, for business or pleasure; we are instructed in Islam by our Creator to explore this world, to get to know one another.

The beauty of traveling to another place or city is not just a one way exchange where you can learn something about another people and their culture, rather, the exchange is two way. For in engaging others, they become curious about you, your culture, your traditions and your way of life. If we are, as a human race, one community, we must ensure that we come together on what is common between us, and there is no better way, than by traveling." -- Farrukh I. Younus

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