My Masturbation Addiction and Blanket of Guilt

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My good world will be back to me again if I could somehow stop this despicable habit.

A cry for help was sent to Ask the Counselor service of Onislam.net from a teen who suffers masturbation addiction.

In our weekly Counseling series (Q & A), we open the platform for our readers to post their views and advice on social or psychological problems. This week we publish this teen’s dilemma that makes him think about committing suicide.

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I’d like to keep my name anonymous because I’m EXTREMELY ashamed of what I do.

I am in my teens, and somehow, I think I started masturbating quite young. I am disgusted with myself and am writing this because of the blanket of guilt wrapped tightly around my heart.

My good world will be back to me again if I could somehow stop this despicable habit.

I hate it, yet I continue to do it. I don’t know why.

I usually watch porn on the Internet at night, to get excited and then masturbate. I have tried to stop countless times, but to no avail. I have also asked for forgiveness each time after I do it, but I have done so many times, that I think that Allah is surely displeased with me, and I see no use in making false promises.

If that’s so, then I’ve opened a gateway to hell for myself, and I can’t seem to shut it. I make promises to myself that I won’t do it again, but I end up breaking them all. Now that makes me a masturbator and a liar.

After all what I’ve done, death seems like a blessing.

The thought of suicide has entered my mind, but I cannot do it because it is haram (forbidden in Islam). What my heart desires the most is a girl (not totally sexually, more like real love), but I can’t have one because in Islam, it’s haram to have a girlfriend, so I look forward to having a wife.

I’ll never get one if I don’t stop masturbating. This is the first time I’ve cried for help, and I hope that I will get some great help from you guys.


Editor's note: The question is slightly edited to keep its originality.
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