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As it is believed, marriage is not a type of relations that is restricted to husband and wife. It is extended to gather two families who by time share strong social and personal relations.

As much as the members of both families are sharing love and respect with each other, the couples can enjoy a stable happy martial life since they are supported by their families.

No wonder the relation between spouses and their in-laws come on the top. Fathers and mothers of each partner play an important role to back or destroy their sons’ and daughters’ marriage.  In some culture, the most stressing challenge that meets one of the spouses is how to befriend their in-laws.

In this special folder we collect problems sent by husbands and wives who seek advice on how to deal with their in-laws. The problems were answered by professional social and gender counselors.

Check “Me & My In-laws” special folder and send your feedback and comments through the comment box below.



“My mother-in-law who is divorced also lives with us. She is a very fussy lady and interferes in every single thing. She is a very insensitive and uncaring person. She is blunt and degrading at times. I have been dealing with her with a lot of patience, but there is a limit to everything. Because of her sharp tongue, she has made me cry many times. No matter how hard I try to please her with the house work and even help her with her things, she finds a thousand defects in me and my way of working…” [Read more]


“My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and, al hamdu Lillah, we have two lovely children. However, last year, some problems arose concerning my mother-in-law. She lives in an Asian country, and when I went to visit her last year, I discovered a side of her character which really upsets me. She has made awful comment about me putting on weight after I had my son. She has told her family how fat and stupid I am, and she thinks I spend a lot of money unnecessarily ( and other comments that I will not state here)…” [Read more]



“Our mother-in-law and father-in-law are divorced, and our mother-in-law hates all her of her sons, and keeps on cursing us to have horrible marriages, and for us to get divorced, just like she did with their father. I feel like she has done sihr on our marriages, and continue to do it day after day after day.   It is not normal for all of our marriages to be in a disastrous state, and the things that are happening in our marriages are not normal.” [Read more]



“What does the Qur’an say about looking after your mother in- law? My husband says that whatever facilities he gives me is just because I look after his mother as if I am a servant. I do not ever refuse to look after my children or my husband as well. There is a lot of pressure on me regarding this matter. I cannot manage to see my house and children properly. He thinks that I deserve any of his right if I look after her.” [Read more]



“I have a problem with my mother-in-law. I have tried my best to please her in every way. She is very controlling & tells me:   What to wear Where I can go Who I can meet or speak to How to behave with my husband How to bring up my daughter Where I can take her & what I can feed her etc….   Over the few years I have been married I have noticed that she suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is very insecure…” [Read more]



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