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Assalamu ‘alaykum,

Because of being sexually abused at a very early age, and then being involved in masturbation, I’m unable to stop it now.

Though in the last three months I have not practiced it, but I still feel a strong craving. I don’t know how to overcome this. Sometimes while sleeping, it happens automatically, and at that time I’m really unable to control this practice.

I used to read the articles published in Onislam.net for overcoming masturbation, and I know every way to overcome it, but the real problem is how to practice these ways and methods when my heart is not willing to practice them.

Now my real problem and question is how can I stop this craving? I pray five times a day, I also fast during Ramadan, but when having these thoughts, I think to myself that I am a hypocrite when offering prayers.

Now, I can’t concentrate on my prayers, and also I don’t get out of the bed even to offer prayers. Please suggest to me some ways to stop thinking about sex-related activities, and to actually stop from the heart.

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