Step By Step 6

Parenting From Conception to Adolescence
Developing Child Habits at Early Age
By Layla Ashraf Al-Karaksi
Writer, researcher - Egypt


In this edition, Aubrey Harris is a guest of radio host Najma Khota. He is a corporate consultant and one of the most energetic inspirational speakers. He has given energetic responses on many social issues largely based on his own experiences. He does many presentations and gives motivational talks to schools, universities, and corporations around South Africa. He has helped open the door for many young South Africans to show them their real potential.

Developing Habits at an Early Age





Unfortunately, statistics show that children at ages as early as 8 and 9 may start taking drugs! It is not at that age that parents should think of changing child's habits; developing child habits should start at >>>


Saying "Wrong!" and "No!" in a Positive Way





By saying only "Wrong!" and "No!" to our children, we are violating their right to explore and learn from trial and error; instead, parents should find for them positive alternatives and outlets>>>



Violence Inside and Outside Home





Violence is not just physical; it has various forms. Our children observe violence inside and outside home, and they respond to it at some stage or another; this defines how they >>>             


Parents as Friends



Children have various needs from their parents, as they go through their develop- mental processes. Relationships must not be static in a non-static process>>>

A-Stay-at-Home or Work-Outdoors Mum?



Mothers have the right to realize their dreams and develop their well-being through going out to work. The only time when going out to work has to be considered is when a mother has>>>

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Layla Al-Karaksi is a writer and researcher who studied  Political Science at Cairo University. She is very much interested in the social sciencs as a tool towards societal development.

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