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Homeschooling Pt.2
By Anisa Abeytia
Freelance Writer and Integrative Health Specialist — UAE


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Homeschooling: Establishing Your Approach


The most challenging part about homeschooling is trying to narrow down your options. There are so many ways that you can go. This is why selecting a teaching method first makes it easier for other choices to follow. Once you have done that, the next step is to find a curriculum or if you are a de-schooler, then it is to not find a curriculum.

There are various packaged curriculum available as well as curricula that are subject specific (we will look at these in other articles). In this article, we will look at the many ways a curriculum can be compiled.  


Finding Your Perfect Curriculum

When selecting a curriculum you should ask yourself:         

 1. How involved in teaching do you want to be?

How much of the teaching do you want to do and how much of it do you want someone else to do?  If you want to do as little teaching as possible,  a curriculum that also provides teacher support is for you. K-12 and Calvert provide such services (distance learning) as well as public and charter schools.

2. What would you like your child to take away from their schooling?

Growing up I had a big problem with the way history was taught, and how most of the world was excluded in those lessons. I also did not like all the workbook work, and how you were never taught real world skills like how to cook, sew on a button, get along with others or manage money. I found school lacking in many ways, so I did not want to emulate it at home, (although a school does have many redeeming qualities). 

I also did not like the lack of diversity. If you feel this way, you can still use a boxed curriculum, but  also bring in other resources. If you do choose that way, you may end up not using all the resources. I like to have the freedom to pick and choose without feeling I am wasting money on unused curriculum, with that said, that type of curriculum is a good way to start because everything is included.

Here a group of parents gather together to teach their children jointly. Sometimes this can turn into a school.

Calvert This program (also a brick and mortar school) is over 100 years old and is based in the US. It provides a pre packaged curriculum for graded K-6 and provides teacher support. They also issue transcripts if you select that option.

K-12 There is distance learning and a online program that provides prepackaged curriculums as well as transcripts. This program provides teacher support.  Their international headquarters are located in Dubai, UAE. The program is a bit expensive, but it provides a lot of teaching support and is fully accredited in many countries.


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Christian homsechoolers have many options available to them. As of yet, Muslims have not compiled a full curriculum geared towards Muslim principles. A few programs have sprung up, but the curriculum does not offer an Islamic perspective, Qur’an, Arabic or Islamic Studies. There are many Muslim homeschooling websites around the world; this one based in Yemen is an excellent resource:

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