Sex Education in American Schools

By Elder George
Writer, Columnist - USA

This article only scratches the surface of the negative impact on American children created by the educational system.

Families have lost control over the raising of their children in the same manner that craftsmen have lost control over the manufacture of their products. 

Craftsmen used to produce and take responsibility for the performance of the products they made, and even signed their name to their products. The development of the assembly line, which reduces all work operations to simple tasks and then standardizes these tasks into a productive routine, eliminated the craftsman. No one worker has the responsibility for the completed product. Western societies consider the replacing of craftsmen with production workers who do single tasks to be part of economic growth.


Taking away responsibility for one's accomplishment now extends to the home as well, especially as it pertains to the education of our children. Parents used to educate their children in all what they needed to know to help the family survive economically and morally. Parents were the craftsmen of the home and taught their children how to cook, clean, milk cows, hunt, chop wood, plow the fields, make clothing, and a myriad of other activities that provided for the family's material needs. Cultural practices provided for the propagation of the race through marriage. A set of ethics or religious practices provided for the moral development and conduct of the family and tribal members.



Compulsory public schooling has replaced the influence of the home as well as all the standards the family lived by. Children no longer receive an education that has anything to do with the preservation of the family and society. Education now focuses on training children to be obedient production workers and automaton consumers. They learn of a life of self-indulgence and debauchery.


The constant mingling of the opposite sexes in the school system provides the opportunity for extreme licentiousness. On Sunday, May 23, 2004, the New York Post in a front-page story broke the news of sex clubs in which schoolgirls wore sex bracelets that advertised the type of sexual activity that they would perform. The term "girls" is quite literal: They were 11 years old!


The picture on the front page showed a Catholic school that hosted one of these sex clubs. Girls in public, private, and religious schools participated in these activities; the democratic nature of immorality does not show preferences. Beyond the one-day splash by the media, I have not heard this subject brought up again. America has become inured to this type of behavior, for it is a natural consequence of the educational policies that promote moral relativism — the concept that there is no right and wrong — which in turn leads to conduct based upon what is legal and illegal rather than conduct based on what is moral and immoral. The extent to which moral relativism has infiltrated the educational system and our societal fabric is explained in a book by Tammy Bruce entitled The Death of Right and Wrong.


Same-Gender Education


Teaching children sexuality at an early age increases their sexual activity and results in teenage pregnancies, increased incidences of venereal disease, mental confusion, depression, and an increase in suicide among girls. In the June 2006 issue of Family News, Dr. James Dobson indicated that New York City's Department of Education recently mandated that all 5-year-olds must learn about AIDS and HIV in their kindergarten classrooms. Can you imagine teaching 5-year-olds about sexually transmitted diseases? I went to the library to verify the article that Dobson referred to and he was correct. This September, New York City teachers began teaching AIDS and HIV to 5-year-olds!


An article written by Charles Millard entitled "Replacing Parents" appeared in the June 19, 2006 issue of the New York Post and focused on Mayor Bloomberg's program to provide contraceptives and morning-after pills to high-school students. Parental consent or advisement is not required. This action shows complete ignorance of the purpose of sex, a disregard for the moral standards of the parents and of society in general, and a motivation for teens to become less inhibited in their social relationships. The activities that break down the moral fiber of our youth seem endless.


Same-Gender Sex Education

There is a bill under consideration in both Houses of the New York Legislature entitled Dignity For All Students Act . This is a pleasant and positive-sounding title, but it masks the intent of the bill, which mandates the teaching of homosexuality to all public-school students from kindergarten through 12th grade. This bill attacks the very purpose of our earthly existence.


Ostensibly, its purpose is to end the discrimination and harassment of students because of race, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. However, the Dignity For All Students Act is an attempt to normalize homosexual behavior, usurping parental moral authority. It is the equivalent of what some educational institutions call the teaching of "alternative lifestyles."


If we believe that the purpose of sex is to procreate the race so that we can grow spiritually, then offering homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle is contrary to this purpose. However, Western culture believes in the freedom of the individual to do as he chooses, without having any obligation to the family, tribe, or race. Therefore, wherever Western cultures are adopted, the family is destroyed, and the species is no longer propagated at a rate that can sustain itself, which requires a fertility rate of 2.1. That means there must be 2.1 children born per woman if a society is to maintain its population (Lifesite). In 2004, all of Europe was below this figure. In Italy, the center of Catholicism, the fertility rate is only 1.3. In the US, it is 2.0; in Japan, it is 1.3; in Korea, it is 2.0; in Singapore, it is 1.2. Muslim countries that become Westernized such as Tunisia (2.0) and Morocco (2.5) have seen their fertility rate drop below the level necessary to sustain the population (World Bank). As the Westernization of the world increases, family values diminish and legal supplants what is "right". As Prophet Isaiah stated, "The wisdom of the wise shall vanish and the discernment of the discerning shall be lost" (Isaiah 29:14).


This article only scratches the surface of the negative impact on American children created by the educational system. Western culture is destroying its youth and ultimately itself. It is haram.


Unfortunately, increasing numbers of Muslims are lapping up the Western culture as a cat does warm milk. It tastes good. They concern themselves with "rights," being "independent," and being "modern." Those thoughts add sweetness to the milk. Muslims might benefit from a consideration of the words of Al-Hasan Al-Basri who more than 1,300 years ago said, "Beware of this world (dunya) with all wariness, for it is like a snake, smooth to the touch but its venom is deadly." The Western culture is like a snake; it is deadly. It is haram. Do not let an ignorant godless government educate your children.

This article was first published on December 2006.
Elder George is the founder of Men's Action to Rebuild Society and writes a weekly column for Muslims Weekly, America's largest English language Muslim newspaper. He lectures at mosques, universities, and community organizations on the influence of gender. He can be contacted through his website www.mensaction.net.

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