Does Religion Call for Oppressing Kids? (Share)

By Family Editorial Board

misapplication of divine texts is the main factor in this dilemma.

Recently, we heard of horrific crimes which parents commit against their children, and a main factor in these cases is the misapplication of divine texts and lack of comprehension of today’s challenges.

Many Muslims were shocked at hearing that a Muslim mother killed her 7-year –old child because he didn’t memorize Qur’an (the incident was reported by the BBC in January 2013).

Unfortunately, this is not the only case.

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Sometimes parents believe that it is their right to force rules on their children in order to make them religious right at their early stage. However, in some cases, some parents go extreme in doing this, and this reaches its peak, which is killing!

As part of Onislam.net’s campaign on addressing this problem, we want to hear from you.

In your opinion,

What makes parents go that far in misapplication of divine texts and go beyond the limits?

How can Muslim parents strike balance between religion’s rules and space of freedom, which every child needs in building his character?

How can society play a role in eliminating these misconceptions and misapplications?

Dou you have a similar experience in your surrounding community?

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