Help Now: The Plight of Syrian Refugees

By Family Editorial Board

Humanitarian organizations are putting in place measures to help Syrian refugees.


The situation for Syrians- both inside the Syrian border and outside- has been deteriorating rapidly.

Responding to these sorrowful circumstances, many renowned charitable organizations have taken measures to support the Syrian refugees.

Humanitarian organizations are putting in place measures to help the people, with total of 2,244,045 refugees in many neighboring countries, to rescue them from the harsh conditions.The total number of registered refugees and individuals awaiting registration is 2,304,128 as of December 16. This includes 17,139  Syrian refugees registered in North Africa , according to a report by the United Nations. [Check the numbers in details by clicking here

Your donation is their only hope after Allah’s support for them. We aim to bring this to you as a way of supporting our sisters and brothers inside Syria and in the refugee camps. We hope that Allah paves the way for these offices to achieve their aims fruitfully.

Onislam.net team manages to bring to you the most well-known organizations taking genuine measures in this pursuit.  Take an action and help Syrians refugees in this hard times, you can:

  1. Share the link of this appeal in your social network profiles and pass the information about the plight of Syrian refuges on to your friends.
  2. Print this appeal and circulate it in your community as a way of raising awareness.
  3. Contact the humanitarian organizations listed below or others in your city to donate what you can give to help our suffering brothers and sisters.

1 Baitulmaal Organization - Worldwide Relief and Development

Syrian Refugees: Temporary Housing Campaign

Baitulmaal, on behalf of the concerned donors, have joined other organizations and individual to participate in this campaign to help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian families, especially the children, by working to provide as many of these housing units as possible. Below is the pricing information for each unit. Donate Now.



"The Wolrd Has Forgotten Them"

2- Islamic Relief  (Syrian Appeal)

3- Islamic Relief Worldwide (Syria Winter Appeal)

Islamic Relief has been supporting refugees on the borders of Syria since the start of the emergency. Although families found safety, they left everything else behind.

Through our existing offices in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, we have provided over 30,000 people with essential items like food, hygiene kits, life-saving medical supplies and treatment. We are managing camps, starting classes to ensure children don’t miss out on their education, and giving psychosocial support to those affected by their experiences. Donate Now.



4- Muslim Hands

Since the onset of the crisis, Muslim Hands has been responding to the needs of thousands of displaced Syrians temporarily seeking refuge at the Turkish border.

Working alongside our partners in Antakya, Turkey, we've set up 7,000 tents sheltering up to 30,000 women and children. Donate Now.



5- Save The Children

Our teams are on the ground in Jordan and Lebanon, helping to keep them safe, providing the basics they need and proper emotional support. Donate Now.



6- Human Care Syria

Large numbers of families lost their source of income and livelihoods as a result of the crisis. This project was launched in several areas and cities to support these families taking into consideration the size of each family, their source of income and expenditure. The average amount needed to support one family is £120 a month, which will be spent on food, heating and other basic necessities. Donate Now.




The International Rescue Committee is calling attention to the plight of those uprooted by turmoil in Syria and doing our part to support thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. We provide medical aid, help for women and girl victims of violence, and also ensure refugees have access to their legal rights. Donate Now.




Some 2.5 million people have been affected by months of heavy fighting in the Syrian Arab Republic, while more than 500,000 others have fled the country into neighboring Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and North Africa. Donate Now.




We are working against the clock to provide refugees with vital winter relief items such as warm clothes, weather proofing for tents, thermal blankets and stoves. Please donate now to keep Syrian refugees warm and safe this winter. Donate Now.



10- Muslims Aid

Muslim Aid has continued to carry out life saving emergency relief for Syrian refugees based in Jordan and Lebanon. Recent work includes distributing hygiene packs to 3,500 families which include soap, towels, shampoo and sanitary items for women and children to help them with essential hygiene care. Donate Now and Save Lives

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