50+ Q & A About Sex Addiction

Are You an Addict?
Special Coverage (Part One)
By Family Editorial Board

Read through our Q & A folder and post your feedback.

Onislam.net’s Cyber Counseling service team has the pleasure to present a special coverage of three parts which tackles different types of addiction.

This is the first part of the series which focuses on sexual addiction (porn, masturbation, and sex).

 In this folder  you will find more than 50 questions received from Cyber Counseling’s visitors about sexual addiction, and were answered by a group of professional counselors.

It is a monthly series which we start from December till the end of February.

You are most welcome to share your views and send questions related to this topic by e-mailing the Cyber Counseling editor via this address.

The problem in our relationship is that my husband is much interested and passionate to porn sites. He is open and honest; he never denies what he did...


I have tried to stop many times, but all I do is think about girls and sex in my mind all the time. It looks as if I will commit Zina (fornication) in the future because...


I got the answer from previous question: How to Help My Husband Out of Porn Addiction? And I already did all.The thing is he is more comfort about that and becomes like enemy when I say that...

I have been plagued with the problem of masturbation for three years. As a result I now suffer from premature ejaculation and weak erection...

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