What About Your Sexuality? (In-Focus)

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Sexuality is a topic that many consider a taboo.

Though it can be a reason of unhappy marriage- when the spouses become close on them to speak about their needs from each other- sexuality is not a subject that usually presents on the family’s discussion table.

In this special folder, Family team of Onislam.net introduces a collection of articles, counseling questions, and audio files that tackle in various angles the sexuality and gender problems.


  Sex and Marriage


Sex in married life has been openly recommended in the Qur'an. If you do an Internet search on "women, sex and Islam" you will find plenty of articles that quote helpful Hadith and talk more about what is permitted in Islam. However, you will not find a lot of information on how to take care of your sexual health.


When Sex Can Kill Marriage

Have you been not sharing bed with your spouse for such a long time and try to keep physical interaction as less as possible? Is it that you feel disgusted by your spouse and despise his/her looks? Or is it that your spouse doesn't find you attractive or doesn't find interest in sex?

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  Sexuality, Gender, and Society


Sexualized adult women therefore become partners in "idealizing youth", and the look of youth as the golden age, which once upon a time, used to be the age period over 30s.

Supermodels become the societal standard of beauty which women make every effort to live up to.



Sexualization and its Effect on the Family and Society

The problem of sexualization has developed over the years, which means that young American girls inherit a legacy that has been passed on down by previous generations including women themselves...

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  Sexualization and Children


A report by the American Psychological Association: "Report of the Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls" focuses on the media culture and its impact on young American women over a long period of time.


As a part of everyday life, for many the connection has not been made between the messages conveyed through media, and the self perception of a young person, in this case young girls.

What Do You Tell Your Child About Sex?

What do you do when your child accidentally watches a love scene on TV? How do you react when your child comes from school and asks you about pregnancy and how women get pregnant? What would be your answer when your child asks you about her private parts?


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