No Problem! (A Counseling Q & A Folder)

By Family Editorial Board


Over 2012, we received tens of problems sent to our social Counseling Service. Varying from social, cultural, to personal challenges, our counselors have tried to provide advice and recommend solutions.

We published part of the questions through an interactive platform where we asked our readers to share their views and advice.

In this collective folder, the team of Family page of Onislam.net is pleased to present three problems with readers’ input along with a collection of live counseling sessions conducted throughout 2012.

View our folder and keep us posted with your feedback.



My Masturbation Addiction and Blanket of Guilt

I am in my teens, and somehow, I think I started masturbating quite young. I am disgusted with myself and am writing this because of the blanket of guilt wrapped tightly around my heart. I usually watch porn on the Internet at night, to get excited and then masturbate...



I No Longer Trust My Husband

I need your kind advice about my husband’s possible extramarital affairs. I have been reading through your site and found unfortunately many similar cases to mine.   I’ve been married for 3 years without any children yet. I was a Christian when I met my Muslim husband, and we had to defend our marriage on many occasions with both our parents…



My Husband’s Affair, My Daughter’s Tears

My husband and I are having marital problems. He is having an affair and he often discusses divorcing me. We argue a lot, and he sometimes becomes violent. We have a 16-month-old baby and it scares me how this will affect her. I am very stressed and depressed; and I feel I neglect her and even sometimes shout at her when she is crying. My husband also does the same…



“Call Me Satan”

I have a son who is acting really strange lately. We are a Muslim family and have been so for our whole life. We do all the expectations that our religion calls for. Lately my son has started wearing an upside star on his neck and wishes to be called Satan. He puts black nail polish and  colors his hair black. He puts a huge lock on his door and plays loud music. The music has hateful lyrics and sounds awful...


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