The Owners of the Garden (Story for kids)

A Grandmother's Story
By Family Editorial Board

The Owner of the Garden
Enjoy our story time and narrate it to your young kids

In this life Allah Almighty has blessed some people with wealth and welfare.  In turn, they should be generous and helpful to the poor and needy.

The holy Qur’an teaches us the meaning of benevolence and highlights this value through the stories of the noble Prophets (peace be upon them).

Surat Al-Qalam tells us one of these stories, which is known as “the owners of the garden”. It is about three brothers blessed with wealth and fertile land. Rather being thankful to Allah for His favors, and rather than recognizing the rights of the poor and the deprived in their wealth, the brothers became arrogant and selfish forgetting that the stacks of their wealth and crop cannot save them from the wrath of Allah.

Let’s see what happened to them…

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