Pondering God's Creation in Nature Through Science

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Believers in Islam are ordered to praise god through pondering in nature
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Seeking general knowledge and studying different sciences isn't a matter of killing time in Islam. It is rather considered an act of worship. Believers in Islam are ordered to praise God through pondering in nature, thinking about their environment in ways that would lead them both to appreciate the wonders of God, as well as invent, create and inhabit planet Earth.

In this series, we ponder some of the most striking phenomena modern science has disocvered and is attempting to study in nature.


The Celestial Origin of Iron
These fundamental discoveries have led to the important conclusion that hydrogen nuclei are the basic building blocks from which all the other elements were...
The Faulted Earth
This Qur'anic verse comes in the context of an oath, while Allah (all glory be to Him) is definitely above giving such a pledge. Consequently, this is understood...
Which Ton is Heavier: Iron or Wood?
You might think the answer to this question is straight forward, but this is not the case. Archimedes’s law of floating bodies, which applies to both gases and liquids..
Foods Boosting Immunity
The fruits and vegetables mentioned in the following flash are just a simple example of the great bounties Allah has provided us with. Although they might just be so cheap...
Ants Show that Collective Decision-Making is Best
Information overload may not be a modern phenomenon, but the internet age has certainly elevated it to new heights. Just about anything and everything you could think...
Miracle Foods From Allah
The Qur'an (7:160) says, "Eat of the good foods We have provided for you." The question may arise: if Allah has provided us with so many good foods, why are so many..
Allah's Medicine Chest: Lemons
Lemons are just one example of the simple bounties Allah has provided us with. Although they may just be a "customary fruit," they contain flavanoids, which are...
Siwak: Preventive Medicine For Your Teeth
One of the best ways to protect one’s teeth is the siwak, which was mentioned in several sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Siwak are the wicks that are used...


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