Gaddafi’s Sons Plan Father Ouster

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Gaddafi's son ouster
Seif and his brother Saadi are reportedly proposing a plan to sideline their father from power to help resolve the Libyan conflict. (Reuters)
Gaddafi, sons, exit plan

CAIRO – Feeling the pressure on a popular uprising against their father’s regime, two sons of Muammar Gaddafi are championing a proposal for the embattled leader to leave power.

The two sons “want to move toward change for the country” without their father, a Libyan official close to Gaddafi’s sons Seif al-Islam and Saadi, told The New York Times on Monday, April 4.

Seif and Saadi are reportedly proposing a plan to sideline their father from power to help resolve the Libyan conflict.

“They have hit so many brick walls with the old guard, and if they have the go-ahead, they will bring the country up quickly,” said the official.

One son, the official said, has said many times that “the wishes of the rebellion were his own.”

It is not yet clear if the plan is supported by Gaddafi, 69, who has been facing his worst political crisis since came to power 42 years ago.

The proposed exit plan gives a glimpse into the dynamics of Gaddafi’s family at a time when the Libyan leader is facing deep cracks in his close circle.

Last week, foreign minister Moussa Koussa defected the regime of Gaddafi, who is isolated by decades of attempted coups and internal purges.

The new revelation comes shortly after The Guardian reported on Friday that Gaddafi’s son have drafted an exit plan that would include sidelining their father from power.

Under that plan, Gaddafi’s son Mutassim, who is the country's national security adviser, would be a president of an interim national unity government, which would include the opposition.


Scrambled to save his regime, Gaddafi dispatched an envoy to Greece on Sunday to discuss ways of ending the fighting.

"It seems that the Libyan authorities are seeking a solution," Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas told reporters, Reuters reported.

Greece has enjoyed good relations with Gaddafi for a number of years.

Papandreou has been talking by phone with officials in Tripoli as well as the leaders of Qatar, Turkey and Britain over the last two days.

Droutsas said the Libyan envoy, Abdelati Obeidi, was next due to due travel to Malta and Turkey.

There was no indication on what Tripoli might be ready to offer -- beyond a willingness to negotiate -- to end a war that has become bogged down on a frontline in the eastern oil town of Brega.

Gaddafi earlier dispatched an envoy to London for talks on Gaddafi’s exit.

According to a Libyan official, the envoy presented a proposal for Gaddafi’s son Seif to take over from his father.

But talks on the new proposal for Gaddafi’s exit remains stalled.

A diplomat familiar with the proposal told the NY Times that discussions remained in the initial stages.

He said Gaddafi remains on his position that the uprising against his regime is a foreign conspiracy of Islamic radicals and oil-hungry Western powers attempting to take over Libya.

Gaddafi’s opposition forces also remained on their position demanding an end to the embattled leader’s rule.

“This is the beginning position of the opposition, and this is the beginning position of the Libyan government,” the diplomat said.

“But the bargaining has yet to commence.”
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