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“The Muslim Brotherhood will not field a candidate for presidency,” Badie said
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CAIRO – Dismissing reports about a secret deal with the ruling military rulers, the Muslim Brotherhood has denied that it was seeking power in post-revolution Egypt.

“The Muslim Brotherhood will not field a candidate for presidency,” Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie told a rally in the upper Egyptian city of Qena on Tuesday, September 6.

He said the move is taken “out of concern that Egypt would be attacked by one of the foreign powers on the pretext that a member of the Brotherhood is at the helm of power”.

Egypt is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections in November.  The polls are expected to be followed by a new ballot early next year to elect a new president.

“Egypt’s next president will be a servant to the nation,” Badie said.

The Muslim Brotherhood has emerged as the most powerful group after the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising in February.

This has sent off alarm bells in the United States and its chief ally Israel, fearing the Muslim Brotherhood might end up in power through the ballot.

The group has repeatedly denied that it was seeking power in post-Mubarak Egypt.

To assuage fears, the Brotherhood’s newly-established political party said that it will contest half of the parliament seats in the November elections.

No Secret Deal

The Muslim Brotherhood has also denied media reports about holding secret meetings with the ruling junta.

These are "pure lies and imagination" promoted by the group's opponents, the group’ spokesman Dr Mahmoud Ghozlan said.

Media reports earlier said that the Muslim Brotherhood held secret meetings with the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

Ghozlan said that the Brotherhood was the first group to take to the streets to pressure the ruling junta to fulfil the goals of the revolution.

He recalled a meeting between the Brotherhood leader and the junta days after Mubarak’s overthrow.

“If the SCAF management of the country is carried out well, the Brotherhood will be supportive like all other national forces,” Badie, the Brotherhood leader, was quoted as saying during the meeting.

“And if the SCAF abuses its power or stands short or acts slowly, the group will not tolerate this and will not hesitate to tell the truth.”

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political party said Monday that they will not take part in a planned one-million protest on Friday, September 9.

The group said the planned protest stumbles efforts to help render success to the transitional period, calling on revolutionist groups to give the government more time to achieve goals of the revolution.
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