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Muslim Clerk Slaughtered in Montgomery

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The suspect is identified as Shaun David King, age 36. Photo: Montgomery County Police.

MONTGOMERY, Maryland – An elderly Muslim clerk in a Montgomery store in Maryland was slaughtered to death by a violently deranged customer who was arrested by police on Thursday, January 23.

"He was all about his work and money so he could provide for his family so they could come over here," the victim’s nephew Mohammad Rana told ABC 7.

"It's just crazy."

Imam’s Son Shot Dead in New Jersey

Working in a 7-Eleven store, Abdul Ghaffar, 63, of Gaithersburg, and a fellow co-worker were pushing through the thankless graveyard shift when police say Shaun King, 36, walked through the front door.

According to detectives, King has allegedly slit Abdul Ghaffar's throat, chin and wrists in what police described as a as a random act of unprovoked violence.

Abdul Ghaffar's co-worker sprinted to the parking lot and dialed 911 as police arrested King while getting out the front door.

Rana told reporters the 63-year-old moved to America with his wife in 2009. He had five daughters and two sons.

"His youngest son is actually in the process of becoming a doctor. He [Ghaffar] was paying for all of that so he could become a doctor here [in the US], that was his goal," Rana added.

Longtime customer Jacob Osteen, a student at Towson University, has long frequented the 7-Eleven, enjoying donuts, sub sandwiches and late night chats with Abdul-Ghaffar.

"A lot of people like to complain about work and how hard it is, but he's one of those people that never did," Osteen said.

“You just knew he was really trying.”

The United States is home to a Muslim minority of between six to eight million.

Earlier this week, a local imam’s son was shot dead in his car in New Jersey’s Newark by an unidentified attacker.

Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said that an unidentified woman was also killed in what he termed as "targeted" attack.

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