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‘Being Me’ Celebrates Aussie Muslim Women

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Being Me conference opened its doors early on Sunday to welcome Australian Muslim women.

CAIRO – Correcting misconceptions about the role of women in Islam, an Australian conference opens on Sunday, December 1, in Sydney, in a mission to increase Muslim women awareness and address the challenges facing them in the society.

“Through the Being Me Conference on 1 December 2013, we strive to provide a platform where women from different walks of life and aspirations are given opportunities to learn, teach, share, and inspire,” a statement published on Muslim Village says.

This would consequently “empower others and themselves by identifying and exploring the true role of a Muslimah to benefit those they love and all of humanity hence ultimately please their Lord.”

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Planned for the first time in Australia, Being Me conference opened its doors early on Sunday to welcome Australian Muslim women.

The one-day conference features a number of national and international speakers, who will provide various perspectives into a Muslim woman’s life.

The speakers include international writer, entrepreneur and life coach Sister Zohra Sarwari, amazing teacher and student of Islamic Sciences Sister Faiza Matthews, psychologist and medical student Dr Sara Hassan and co-founder of the First Islamic School in Sydney Sr Silma Ihram.

Adding to the phenomenal speaker line-up are Sh Alaa El Sayed from Canada and Sh Yahya Ibrahim from Perth, Australia.

At the conference, attendants will explore the roles of Muslim women, discuss the struggles of the changing environment, as well as address their daily challenges.

“We want to show you that Muslim Womanhood is something worth celebrating and that Muslim women have been great throughout time.

“We will showcase achievements and successes of empowered women of the past and the present and inspire women of today by focusing on our role models: mothers’ of believers, scholars (of past and present), visionary women throughout time.

“This will create a voice and platform for the neglected and marginalized half of the society!”

Muslims, who have been in Australia for more than 200 years, make up 1.7 percent of its 20-million population.

Islam is the country's second largest religion after Christianity.

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