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UK Muslims Face Job, Residence Bias

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The probe aimed at investigating the reason behind the high-rates of unemployment among UK Muslims.

BRISTOL – A new report has acknowledged that British Muslims are being discriminated against in workplace and residence, the findings that added to the disappointment of the sizable minority.

“If Muslims can’t get work they are more likely to be involved in drug dealing, gang behavior and nasty political causes,” Prof Tariq Modood of Bristol University was quoted by the Mirror on Monday, October 28.

Prof Modood was speaking to Inside Out West on BBC1 which prepared the probe to test anti-Muslim discrimination in the society.

Carrying out the probe, two white BBC reporters, one dressed in western cloths and another having an Islamic look, filmed a secret documentary while they were applying for jobs and flats in Bristol city.

The probe aimed at investigating the reason behind the high-rates of unemployment among UK Muslims compared to non-Muslims.

Seeking reliable results, the two reporters were at the same age, background, ethnicity and presented equivalent CVs, with the only difference in the appearance and first names.

During their probe, the two reporters, Ian in western look and Mohammad in Islamic style, have applied for forty jobs ranging from newspaper delivery man to shop mangers.

Out of 40 jobs the non-Muslim candidate got 13 interviews, while the Muslim got only 3.

Bosses shunned the Muslim candidate, and preferred another one, while Muslim was told that there are no 'vacancies' or 'already taken', the non-Muslim was offered interview on the same job.

When the two candidates applied to the same job at a cafe, Mohammad was asked to leave his CV, while Ian got a job trial on the spot.

“See that guy in the hat. Do not tell him I’ve given you a trial shift on Saturday," the cafe manager told Ian," the café manager told Ian, the World Bulletin reported.

"If you bump into him in the street and he wants to talk to you do not tell him because he’s just given me his CV and I told him that I won’t be making a decision until next week. So don’t tell him.”

The same thing happened when the two reporters applied for a flat with landlords favoring the non-Muslim candidate.

While the non-Muslim candidate was offered 5 flats, the Muslim was got only 2 out of 10.

Hostility against British Muslims, estimated at nearly 2.7 million, has been on the rise since 2005’s 7/7 attacks.

Police data shows that 1,200 anti-Muslim attacks were reported in Britain in 2010.

A Financial Times opinion poll showed that Britain is the most suspicious nation about Muslims.

A poll of the Evening Standard found that a sizable section of London residents harbor negative opinions about Muslims.

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