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Ramadan Gets Smart Apps

Ramadan apps
Many applications emerged to allow Muslims get the help of modern technology assist them in their daily fast.

CAIRO – Ramadan this year gets a high-tech touch with new Ramadan apps for smart phones designed to help Muslims observe the holy fasting month, reported The Guardian on Wednesday, August 11.

"[We offer] tips and recommended good deeds to help organize your Ramadan," says the Ramadan Booster application available for the iPhone and iPad.

The app is only one of many that emerged ahead of Ramadan, which millions of Muslims around the world began observing on Wednesday.

The applications allow smart phones users to get the help of modern technology to assist them in many aspects of their 30 days of daily fast.

With Ramadan Booster provides inspiration, support and practical information during Ramadan, other programs help the faithful to observe fasting schedules.

The Ramadan Daily Dua, available for the iPhone and iPad, offers a prayer of supplication specific to each day during the holy month,

Nokia has its own updated, free Ramadan application suite, which allows users to browse the Qur'an, get prayer times and find their nearest mosque, among other things.

The ninth and holiest month of the Islamic calendar is the period when the first verses of the Noble Qu’ran were revealed to Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him).

Muslims in Ramadan, except for the sick and those traveling, refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk with the aim of reinforcing spirituality, self-control and humility. 

Time during the holy month is dedicated for getting closer to Allah though prayers, reading the Noble Qur’an and helping the poor and needy.

Mosques in Ramadan are overflowing with worshippers, especially for Tarawih, a nightly prayers performed during Ramadan only, and many men perform i`tikaf

Islamic Apps

The Ramadan apps came to follow in the footsteps of other smart phones’ programs designed to cater to Muslim needs. 

The Iphone app iQuran helps Muslims browse and recite from the Noble Quran wherever they are. While the iPray app offers a beeping reminder of the daily five prayer times. 

Find Mecca app helps Muslims meet the requirement that they are facing the holy city of Makkah when they are praying. The program has an electronic indicator that changes from red to green when you reach the correct prayer angle.

"If you forgot to pray, you might not be responsible, because you're human; you forget and you can make it up later," James Otun, a 35-year-old technology aficionado in the US, told the Guardian.

"But not now that you have those apps, that might change things in God's level."

Otun believes the Islamic apps made him a more observant Muslim.

The beeps from Otun’s iPhone and iPad remind him to stop and pray during his busy schedule running a limo service.

Another app tells him which nearby restaurants serve halal food prepared within Islamic guidelines.

Zinnur Tabakci, who runs an Islamic religious book and gift shop in Paterson, New Jersey, agrees.

In his shop, Tabakci stocks mobile phone accessories alongside strings of traditional prayer beads and religious texts.

"Islam is not against technology. Now you can do it easier, faster."



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