Saturday, Oct 10 , 2015 ( Thul-Hijjah, 1436)

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OnIslam Prepares Hajj, `Eid Quizzes

By Susan Yasin, OnIslam Staff


CAIRO – As the world Muslims prepare for the spiritual journey of hajj, OnIslam.net social network pages have been preparing special quizzes and contests to their followers and fans, sharing the festivities spirits with Muslims worldwide.

"We want to make these coming days, especially the blessed days of `Eid, more special for those who celebrate `Eid al-Adha at their homes," said Timea Aya Csányi, OnIslam's social media assistant.

Awaiting the hajj season, a first contest would be launched on Monday, September 30, on the website’s Twitter account.

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The contest aims at testing the audiences’ information about hajj by posting questions on twitter at 2 PM (GMT time).

Contestants can follow the hash tag #OnislamQuiz to reply to the questions posted. The one who answers the most questions correctly will be rewarded with a special OnIslam T-shirt!

“We believe that a special T-shirt can be one of the most memorable gift from us to the winners, so just as in Ramadan, our reward is going to be a beautiful Eid T-shirt, inshaAllah,” Csányi added.

Another contest would be launched on Facebook page under the name: 'Share with us your (previous) Hajj moments/your Eid Al-Adha!'

More details could be found through this link.

It was suggested after the success of a similar contest under the name “Share with Us Your Ramadan” which was launched by OnIslam Facebook page during the holy fasting month.

In a bid to reach more users, OnIslam.net has launched a new profile on one of the most famous photo sharing social site, on Pinterest.

A special contest was created for those users. For more details, visit our Pinterest page.

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It seeks to review and renew contemporary Islamic discourses and help reach common grounds among people of different faiths and cultures.

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