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Dubai Sees Record Reversions to Islam

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Dubai Event Welcomes New Muslims
Since the start of 2014, hundreds of people visited the center on a daily basis.

CAIRO – More than one thousand Dubai residents of different nationalities have reverted to Islam over the past few months at the Islamic Information Centre of the Dubai government-run Dar Al Ber Society, making a record in 2014.

“About 205 of them embraced Islam in January 2014 in comparison to 238 in February, 237 in March, and 383 in April,” Rashid Aljunaibi, Director of the centre, told Khaleej Times.

Since the start of 2014, hundreds of people visited the center on a daily basis.

By May, the number of reverts reached 1,063 resident from different nationalities, according to a senior official at the Centre.

The Dubai International Peace Convention saw the conversion of over 250 people.

“Our staff, scholars and preachers at the Islamic Information Centre helped 48 of them to convert to Islam during the three-day event,” Aljunaibi said.

The conversions came as a result of efforts by the center to introduce the true teachings of Islam to non-Muslim communities.

The tenets of Islam tolerance, honesty and kindness to all were also a main reason attracting the big number of residents to Islam.

Aljunaibi said the new Muslims hailed from the Philippines, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cameron, Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Italy, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Australia, Myanmar, Syria, Jordan, as well as Latin American countries.

“A unified certificate is issued to authenticate the conversion of any new Muslim to Islam in association with the Dubai Courts, and the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai.”

Established more than 20 years ago, Dar Al Ber Society centre has witnessed the reversion of 20,000 from 200 different nationalities to Islam.

According to Dar Al Ber Society, about 2,115 people reverted to Islam in 2013.

The number, compared to about 1,907 in 2012, showed an increase by about 10%, according to Aljunaibi.

The number was much less in 2011 as only 1,380 were reportedly converted to Islam, while 1,500 joined Islam in 2010 and about 1,059 in 2009.

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