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Hamas Launches First Drone

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The photograph of the first drone was published by Hamas military wing, Qassam Brigades on its official Twitter account.

CAIRO – Palestinian resistance group Hamas released on Monday, July 14, a video showing its first built drone, announcing that it has built and flown three types of unmanned aircraft into  Israel, all variants of the Ababil-1, an Iranian-made drone.

The photograph of the first drone was published by Hamas military wing, Qassam Brigades on its official Twitter account, The New York Times reported.

The image gives no direct indication of how big the aircraft is, what its capabilities are, where it came from or where or when the photo was taken.

Another video was aired on Al-Aqsa channel showing another drone flying in the air, with the sea on its left wing and ground below.

This drone had four small rockets or missiles under its wings. Analysts are now trying to learn whether the airborne images were taken as the drone was flying over Israel.

According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, the Iranian-made Ababil-1 is nine and a half feet long, with a range of about 150 miles, and is able to carry up to 88 pounds of payload, such as explosives or camera equipment.

The Hamas military wing said it had lost two drones on Monday. The Israeli military announced that it had shot down only one, the Washington Post reported.

Hamas also said that one of the drone’s missions took it over the Israel Defense Forces headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Israel has been launching relentless airstrikes against Gaza since Tuesday in which more than 172 have been killed and over 500 injured in the tiny coastal strip.

Israel has claimed that its new war on Gaza, under the title Operation Protect Edge, was a response to the rocket attacks being carried out by Hamas.

It added that its offensive is intended to halt rocket fire at its cities from the Gaza Strip.

There have been no Israeli casualties from the hundreds of rockets that have been fired by militants in Gaza.

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