Muhammad in Their Words

Inspired by Prophet Muhammad

Contemporary Christian Evaluation of Muhammad’s Prophethood (Introduction)

Brief summary of Christian views on Muhammad’s prophethood...

Muhammad in Their Eyes

What do 23 leading non-Muslim intellectuals say about Prophet Muhammad?


William Montgomery Watt on Prophet Muhammad (Part 2)

Montgomery Watt was a historian of Islamic history and a modern biographer of the Prophet Muhammad...

Kenneth Cragg on Muhammad’s Prophethood (Part 3)

Kenneth Cragg is an Anglican Bishop and one of the key figures in Christian thinking about Islam...


Hans Kung on Prophet Muhammad (Part 4)

Hans Küng is an ecumenical Catholic theologian who became interested in contemporary common issues for people of other faiths...

Hadith of the Day
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: "There is a polish for everything that takes away rust; and the polish for the heart is the remembrance of Allah." (Al-Bukhari)
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