Religion and Violence (Special Folder)

Although all religions are against violence, fingers are often pointed at religion as the main cause of violence and terrorism.

Religion is often regarded as a set of rules and regulations that govern one's relation with God and with fellow human beings. Some argue that humanity is good by nature and doesn't need "religion" that restricts freedoms.

 Although all religions are against violence and promote peace, fingers are often pointed at religion as the main cause of violence and terrorism. Extremists in all religions fail to fully grasp the true teachings of their religion, and try to apply their own version.


Islam lays a set of fundamental rights that are to be granted to a human being, without any discrimination as to race, religion, or sex. In this human context, Islam's message is unitary and comprehensive, giving the same concern to the affairs related to non-Muslims as it does to the affairs related to Muslims.

It also calls for special consideration to be accorded to non-Muslims as minorities living in Muslim countries concerning their safety, possessions, freedom of belief, and so on.


Read our special coverage on the role religion plays in limiting violence and assuring rights for all God's creation.


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