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God's Most Beautiful Names
By Reading Islam Staff

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Allah is entirely different from all things created and far above His creation. His attributes cannot be like the attributes of any of His creation
Beauty of God's Creation

It is very difficult to accurately translate the Arabic meanings of the names and attributes of Allah into English. This is why a lot of detailed explanation is needed for each name and attribute.

God has 99 attributes and names that describe Him and tell of His uniqueness, as there is to Him no equivalent nor is there a deity worthy of worship but Him; the only creator and sustainer of all what exists.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is reported to have said: “Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one. Whoever learns them will enter Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Learning God’s names means knowing them by heart, understanding them, believing in and having appropriate observance towards them. It also means supplicating Him through them.

This folder offers a background of Allah's names and their meanings to contribute to a better understanding of God's names and attributes, starting with around twenty names. We plan to add the meanings of further names in due course to complete the series In-Shaa-Allah.


Who Is "Allah"?




Why do Muslims say "Allah" and not god? How do Muslims know about the attributes of Allah? Is the message of the Quran different than the original messages of the Torah and the Bible?

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God’s Name Al-Qadeer (The Omnipotent)

15473Allah is Mighty, whereas the human being is weak. Therefore the natural situation for a human being is to express and show his need to Allah. And the situation for Allah is to strengthen the human being who expresses his need to Allah.

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God’s Name Al-Muhaimin (The Protector)

God’s Name Al-Mujeeb (The Answerer of Prayers)

God’s Name Al-`Alim (The All-Knowing)

God’s Name Al-Basir (The All-Seeing)

Al-Qabid, Al-Bassit (The Withholder, The Extender)

God’s Name Al-Mu'ti (The Giver)


God's Name Al-Hadi (The Guide)



How does God guide people to His Straight Path? If a person chooses the abode of peace (Paradise) God guides him to the way that leads him to it. Find out how ...

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God’s Name Ar-Razzaq (The All-Provider)

God’s Name Al-Wadoud (The All-Loving)

God's Name Al-Kareem (The Generous)

Allah’s Beautiful Name: Al-Wahhab


God’s Name As-Salam (The Source of Peace)



God’s attribute “As-Salam” means The Source of Peace. Read some reflections on this emphatic name

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God's Name Al-Lateef (The All-Kind, Most Gentle)

God's Name Al-Ghaffar (The All-and Oft-Forgiving)

God’s Name Al-Fattah (The Opener)

Glimpses of God’s Name Al-Aziz (The All-Mighty)



Allah is Al-Aziz (The All-Mighty), that is, He has unparalleled power and capability to do anything that He would desire. ‘Al-Aziz’ means that Allah is the All-Knowing, All-Wise and All-Noble and All-Commendable. With His Might, Allah bestows protection, beneficence and gifts upon His slaves.

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God’s Name Ash-Shakour (The Most Thankful)

God’s Name: Al-Qahhar (The Subduer)


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